To ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians can  access postgraduate education in a fair and equitable manner. This is  achieved by valuing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders diverse  cultures and histories, supporting their control over their own and  their family’s education. NATSIPA will strive to create a  comprehensive program to increase public awareness and commitment to  partnerships that restore and retain Indigenous spirituality, cultures  and languages, social systems, economic systems and self-determination.

To also provide strategic advice to the Australian Government that:

  • Is focused on achieving equal educational outcomes for Aboriginal  and Torres Strait Islander Australians;
  • Supports the partnership that drives the achievement of commitments  made to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage;
  • Is focused on promoting accountabilities;
  • Promotes excellence and innovation;
  • Is proactive and strategic;
  • Is given with honesty, respect and integrity.