The objectives of NATSIPA are as follows:

(A) To provide a network for Indigenous postgraduate students;
(B) To act as advocate for and to represent the interests of  Indigenous postgraduate students at a National level;
(C) To promote reconciliation between non-Indigenous and Indigenous  Peoples of Australia;
(D) To promote research into Indigenous issues and the training of  Indigenous researchers;
(E) To educate researchers on appropriate protocols when dealing  with issues of cultural and social significance to Indigenous Peoples;
(F) To liaise with universities, governments and other national  associations with a view to promoting these objectives;
(G) To promote the participation by Indigenous Peoples as equals in  a national community of postgraduate scholarship; and
(H) To be a constituent organisation of the Council of Australian  Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) and to adhere to the rules of CAPA  and to resolutions of its Council and Executive.